Who, What, Where, Why and How?

I am ServiceKitty, you can call me Kitty!

I have been active in BDSM spaces since 2010 and started my exploration in Atlanta, GA. From 2012-2018 I not only attended and volunteered at kink gatherings in GA, but traveled to other events (mostly in the Southeastern USA) big and small, both as a vendor for a since out of business kilt company, hosting recovery meetings (sober kinksters do exist!), and generally helping foster connection, education and diversity wherever I could.

2018 was quite a year in my personal life and just as things started to feel like they were settling into place, 2020 happened.  My Mxster and I had the opportunity to change our daily lives for the better and that meant moving to a place we feel is more aligned with our beliefs, has amazing weather, an active BDSM community, and Sothern California was our choice. Here we have both found opportunity in both our personal and professional lives that felt out of reach in other places and we love living in San DIego. 

For many years I have contemplated creating an event for the Leather community, with or without title contests, that had a focus on building connection and promoting inclusion. I wanted an event that was accessible financially and physically for as many people as it could be. As I considered including a title contest, it so happened that both the Southwest Bootblack and Southwest Person of Leather contests became in need of a home. I do find value in title contests, they have the ability to allow the contestants to share our perspectives, provide a platform for change, champion quality education, promote safer practices, and so much more.  And so it felt to me, that this was the time to get my event off the ground.

SoCal Soul2Sole is being held on September 21st, 2024 in San Diego, CA.
It is a 1 day event PACKED with not just the title contests, but shopping, entertainment, socializing spaces, bootblack stands and more.

In addition to that, we are proud to host the San Diego Leather History Project. SDLHP has an IMPRESSIVE collection of our history in San Diego that goes back for decades and consists of photos, newspapers, magazines, gear and more. Be sure to visit their space at SoCal Soul2Sole and in the meantime checkout their website here: www.sandiegoleatherhistoryproject.org